Notre-Dame de Paris MOOC (English version)

Notre-Dame de Paris MOOC

It was a close call for Notre-Dame: it could have been destroyed by fire, sharing the fate of many other prestigious buildings over the centuries. The fire 2019 is only the latest of a list of perils to have threatened Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral throughout its history.
With just a few months to go before its reopening, let’s take a closer look at this epic saga.

Notre-Dame is a one-of-a-kind building that took 160 years to build and has undergone multiple metamorphoses.
Most importantly, it is also a sanctuary, where images and sounds mingle, transporting the mind and soul.
It is all this and more: a symbol of France; a cornerstone of Paris' identity; a prized destination for visitors from all over the world; and a place to which people are dearly attached.

Join us as we relive the Notre-Dame de Paris adventure!

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Building Notre-Dame

From Antiquity to the changes soon to be unveiled, relive this Gothic giant’s many adventures and transformations.

Inhabiting Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame’s architecture, interior decoration, stained glass windows, sounds and musical atmosphere: they all combine to uplift the soul and delight the senses.

A universal cathedral

Under the Ancien Régime and later, the Republic, France’s leaders made Notre-Dame the unmissable venue we know today. Nowadays, visitors from all over the world flock to the cathedral, and draw inspiration from it to build new churches.










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